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/i> hidden during the time I was able to convince the most flattering even modestly wear first, but as his confidence grew, would be more, both boys looked at her as we were married she wore stockings or hold ups to see short skirts, low necklines enjoy showing their badjojo big tits often without a bra. Sometimes they had removed her panties and showing her pussy for the elderly, badjojo who had so even if she was hiding nothing had been shaved. She also had a flirtation, she flirted with anyone, when we left, it was not long before she was flirting with one or another has become. Due to travel expenses and a house in the village got married we lived in just 19 N available. Our neighbor was Jim, who wasindividual and his wife had years ago was a great help when we moved, and we became good friends with him, often our lap or we to theirs, which would fall with him drinking our favorite bar on the left. badjojo We were there for about 8 months, when there was a party for his 50th Birthday, we help you list the things that started to drink, how we did th
Quotes ings, even though the game was only 10 clock at night was very drunk, so I was going to go home for an hour and come back. I must have slept only four in the morning that is not at home so I could at first find someone who can find you left I 'm someone was having sex for me the room I realized it sounded like my wife approached, I heard the door before I saw my wife was in a wheelchair with one leg on each arm, which was completely naked as Jim was between his legs, his cock buried in her pussy I was intrigued when I leave the queue to see her pussy seemed to hang a tails retired before driving to her, then she wrapped her legs around him and more difficult than it was a cry made ​​, I could see his muscles contracting as the sperm forward in her that he was unpacked then I saw legs fucked the most beautiful spectacle I will never forget how his legs were back on the armrest of the chair, her pussy was swollen and had a delegation of her pussy was open then the sperm came from below as closed legs, slipped away without seeing me. To be continued


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If you read this please remember, was about 30 years ago I left school and have not been corrected, so that my skills lacking a bit. It is a real business, and I remember I still hope you like it. If you will not continue to get sick much later. Hello, I am one of those people who loves his wife to have sex with men, it seems, there are many of us these days, a bit like shaved pussys and cocks that naturist for 20 years, when he saw the entrance some women shaved shaved tails were very rare these days, most are shaved pussys is not uncommon to see men shaved. retrospect, I would not surprised when my wife called me with another man, or my reaction to it was the next badjojo in a series of small steps, which was always in the process she went with badjojo the other men 's final surprise occurred quickly after we Married, and that was the man who took it or should I say, how old was the man. We were 16 when we met, a summer romance, we were both virgins, nor too timid her beautiful body had been was under unflattering layers of towels badjojo<